Monday, November 2, 2009

Eventful Wyoming!

Mckaylee, Daphnee and I went to Wyoming to help Steph out with her new baby! Tyson Darwin Dirks was born Oct 13. He was 8 pounds 9 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long ( I hope this is right) He was born about 4 hours before I arrived. I was sad to miss the birth but I was happy that he was here!

This is what happens when you have a house full of kids and one piece of cheesecake!

Brennan was "Brittany" for a day! Isn't he so cute!

I know the pictures are a little bright, but McKaylee and Daphnee loved spending time with Papa. The were all over him from the minute that he arrived to the minute that he left.

McKaylee loved to see Tyson. She would always say, " I want to see my Tyson" She loved to help out all the time. She is going to be a good little mom

You may ask, what is there to do in Wyoming. Randy has answered that question. He bought a Razor and let everyone take a ride in it. Danielle took all the kids for a ride. McKaylee was so scared at first but I wanted her to try something new.

I love this picture! I think this is the only time that they were actually nice to each other! There is more to come with these two.

Whenever Caden would sit on the windowsill McKaylee was right there with him. He would scoot over and she would scoot closer. I don't think that he liked it that much but she loved spending time with Caden.

I wish that I would have getten a better picture of Grandma with her girls. Time just flies by when you are having fun

Snow! It snowed while we were there. This was the first time that my girl have ever seen snow. They loved just watching it fall!

Mckaylee and Shelby has such a good time together. They loved to watch movies, and just play. They also had a few arguments. Here is the scene:
Mckaylee and Shelby standing in front of a portable DVD Player.
M: Don't touch Shelby
S: Move over
M: Don't push
S: Don't hit
By the time that I made it into the front room they had their arms around each other watching the movie. They reminded me of growing up with Steph. Oh memories.

I don't know if you can see the pictures very well. McKaylee followed Steph into the bathroom and tripped over Steph'f foot. She hit her face on the toilet. Her top teeth went through the bottom lip and cut it all the way through. Luckily it wasn't bad enough to get stitches but it did leave a nasty sore on the inside of her lip.

I think Daphnee and Brennan were the funnest to watch. They always wanted the toy that the other was playing with. They had a tug of war over the stool. Brennan may be bigger than Daphnee but when she wants something she will try her best to get it.

Family Spa Night!

Well after 2 1/2 weeks in Wyoming it was time to go home. Steph and I had decided to drive to Denver on Friday so that we wouldn't have to drive 4 hours and then get on a plane and fly home. Well things didn't go as planned. It has snowed in parts of Wyoming and in Denver, and if anyone knows anything about Wyoming it is that it is WINDY! On Friday morning we found out that all of the interstates that go the Denver were closed. We waited until the afternoon and Randy found us a round about way to get to Fort Collins Colorado. We started out Journey. The roads were clear, the sun was out and everthing was great! We were excited to go shopping and eat at nice restaurants. We made it to Laramie Wyoming. It was close to dinner time so we decided to eat at a deli and then get dessert when we made it to Fort Collins. By the time that were done eating ALL the road leading out of Laramie were CLOSED! We were stuck! We found out that if we would have stayed in Casper and waited until the interstate opened we would have been in Denver already so we stayed the night in a hotel. Steph got up at 3:30 and checked the roads. The one that we took the Laramie was open, we thought that our best bet was to go back to Casper and then take I-25 to Denver. So we loaded all the kids up in the freezing car and drove 18 miles only to see that the road was closed. We went back to the hotel depressed and annoyed. We got an hour of sleep and decided to get some breakfast. By this time my girls were so tired and whiny and I just broke down. I wanted to make my flight and have Russ take the girls trick or treating... but that was not what happened. We decided to try the road leading back to Casper one more time. We saw that it was open, but we also saw that another road to I-25 was open also. We took that and we finally made it to the interstate! I missed my earlier flight so luckily I was able to get on a later flight.
I had such a great time with my sister! It was fun to get out kids together to play and just spend time with Family. This trip was very eventful but I will have lots of memories!