Monday, February 21, 2011

Remembering Grandma Kimber

4 Generations.

On the 19th of January my Grandma Kimber passed away. She had been sick for a little while but we were told that she was on the mend. I had taken a sleeping pill ( pregnancy related) so I was out. When my mom told me the news it didn't really register until the next morning when I remembered her coming to my room. I loved my grandma. She was the sweetest person you would ever meet. I grew up with her living 2 minutes from me. I loved having her so close.

When she passed I was 2 days away from having Austen. One of the ways that helped my cope with the loss of Grandma was to think that she was up in Heaven giving my sweet Austen some advice and telling her it was time to come to earth.

I think about my grandma often. I think about her cute voice and the way that she would sound when the answered the phone. I think about her hugs and her laugh. She was very knowledgeable about the Gospel. She was a great example to me. I will miss her. I was asked to write a poem for the funeral that represented the Burrell Grandchildren, I will share it with you.

When you think of Grandma a smile comes to your face
She always had a way of making everything seem ok

Her laugh was so contagious and her smile was so bright
She was the greatest of listeners and great at giving advice

Grandma was a trooper who was only 4 foot tall
You'd always find her in the yard doing jobs big and small

No tasks were too great for grandma to complete
service was her middle name she loved everyone she'd meet

She could always recall a scripture or a lesson from her life
that could make you feel better and unburden all your strife

Each of the Burrell girls have a favorite memory
of Grandma Kimber we'd like to share with all of you this evening

Steph remembers the love Grandma had in her eyes
for our one and only Grandpa, the love of her life

She loved the way she adored him, the way she said his name
Her sweet example of true love, you know he felt the same

Ashlee remembers camping, at a reunion in the woods
sitting around the campfire, telling scary stories and eating some goods

Grandma was telling a story that we'd never heard before
she had a way of telling it that you wanted to hear more

When she got to the end she let our a blood curdling scream
This wasn't expected from Grandma our pants we almost peed!

Danielle remembers the time she stayed with Grandma for a while
she'd get a homemade breakfast and before work a kiss and a smile

She'd always listen intently when Danielle would talk about her day
She knew how to make her feel important in every possible way

Danielle feels honored to share Grandma's name
What a wonderful person to be named for
She'll work hard to not bring it shame

Brooke loved to spend her weekends, helping Grandma clean her home
then they'd sit and chat and eat grilled cheese on a bun

When Brooke got the news she had diabetes so young
Grandma stepped in and showed her what needed to be done

Our favorite thought of Grandma is her dressed in all white
kneeling at the Savior's feet and basking in His light.

Grandma thank you for the memories, and thanks for being you
We can't wait to see you again and get a hug and kiss from you.

I love you Grandma

Till we meet again.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Boy!

I know for a fact that Russ loves his little girls. He prides himself for being wrapped around their little fingers but I think that he might need a little boy in the future( far far far in the future) He is teaching my sweet girls to arm wrestle. What will he think of next?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So my little Austen loves to play with her hair. Cute I know. The other day I was changing her diaper and she started crying so hard and loud, she could hardly breathe. I thought she was upset because the wipes were cold. When I looked up to comfort her I noticed that she had a fist full of hair. She was pulling her own hair. I had to laugh. My first 2 girls were born bald so I am not used to having a baby with hair. Now when I hear her get upset the first thing that I check is to see if she is pulling her own hair!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just what I need

After I had Austen I was rocking her to sleep and a Michael McLean song came to my mind.

All I ever wanted, All I ever dreamed of. Everything I hoped and all the things I prayed for couldn't hold a candle to what I've been given. I've been given what I need.

As most of you know I was really hoping for a boy, and when I found out I was having another girl I was crushed. Now that I have Austen I feel so foolish for even being disappointed about having another girl. I am so in love with my little sweetie.

So all in all I am so glad that I have my 3 girls. They are the loves of my life!