Monday, December 27, 2010


The girls loved to play with the Nativity. Who knew that Stawberry Shortcake and Belle were there with the wisemen.

On Christmas Eve we went to the Green's house to Celebrate our friends Birthday. The girls ate all the treats they could possibly want! Lucky for us they crashed pretty hard by the time we got the home!

Before opening presents the girls put on their new slippers! That was the first thing... get comfy and warm then open gifts.

The girls were excited to see what was in their stockings. Daphnee pulled out the orange and looked at it then chucked it. She had that look like... Are you kidding me? Really? An Orange? We got a pretty good laugh out of that.

Daphnee is obsessed with chapstick so we got some lipsmackers. I think she has already gone through one tube. She puts it on every 5 seconds.

The girls liked the gifts from Aunt Susie and Uncle Ken! Thanks so much~

Russ's stash

McKaylee's Stash

Daphnee's Stash

My stash!

Daphnee got some awesome dress up clothes. Doesn't she look like a fashionista!

The girls were being very quiet and this is what we found! Aren't they gorgeous? Doesn't the purple really bring out their eyes? Kaylee was "putting on Make- up" like mommy. Some of her markers look like my eyeliner! We love non- washable markers at our house! It only took 2 times in the tub to get it all off.

Next, It was my turn to get beautified! McKaylee is really getting good at making us all look presentable.

Daddy's turn!
Our Christmas day was so fun. We loved spending the time just lounging around and having no plans!
We were very blessed this year. We wish all of you the best New Year to come!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Millions of tears shed ( mostly mine)

1000 pages read

1000 hours spent on reading,homework, projects, midterms, Finals.

$$$$ spent on Books

Too many headaches

39 credit hours

26+ Papers Written

20 power points put together

13 Professors

4.0 GPA maintained throughout program

3 professional conferences attended

3 scholarships awarded

2 forgettful minds

1 lost assignment( never has been found)

1 internship

1 practicum

1 parking ticket ( received 2 weeks before end of school)

1 Masters Degree..... Priceless!

Now bring on the next challenge.... being parents of 3 little girls!
Please Click the link below the view Russ walking across the stage!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Liar Liar

Saturday Russ and I had to sit McKaylee down and talk to her about lying. I stepped out of the room for a minute and this is the conversation that took place.

R: McKaylee it isn't nice to lie you should always tell the truth.

M: Ok, Dad you are not beautiful

R: McKaylee that isn't nice to say

M: You told me not to lie!

What a little smartie pants! I just laughed. I told Russ it was about time she said something about him because apparently I am the one with the big bum. What will McKaylee come up with next?