Tuesday, January 20, 2009

McKaylee's Shenanigans

I'll give you my cup if you give me yours. McKaylee loves to pay the swapping game! Luckily she has a friend that likes that game too!

Here is my sweet McKaylee doing what she does best. Making a mess.

When I caught her with Russ' wallet she was hurrying to put it all back... She is so sneaky!

Do you see all the shoes on the floor? And notice that Daphnee is in a chair and can't get away. This is the perfect thing for McKaylee to help Daphnee try some shoes on! She is so funny. I don't know where she gets her shoe fettish from... it isn't from me.

It was almost time for bed and we were scrambling to get bath time done and feed Daphnee. McKaylee needed some time to herself to read a story. She sad down opened the book and started to "read" What a cutie! It was nice to have a bedtime story read to me! What a nice change!

IPOD Queen

McKaylee loves to get into cabinets that aren't locked... Hence the ipod. McKaylee was trying to figure out how it works

What are these things for? I don't get it? What do they do?

Russ was a gem and showed her how the ipod works. Here she is thinking she is cool. Listening to some sweet tune!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Grillin Machine

This year from Christmas Russ and I went in together to get a grill. We both wanted one so this is what we got for each other.

We were so happy that we found this grill. It was 50% off so we were really excited to find one that we liked and at a price that we could afford!

Russ was so excited to grill for the first time.... There are so many knobs on the grill that Russ accidentally turned up the heat too high. Luckily Russ caught it in time and saved the steaks! He is such a wonderful griller! I am so happy that Russ likes to grill... it gives me a chance to just kick back and let someone else do the cooking!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Russ is 30!

I know that I don't have many pictures of the party but it was a blast! As far as I know Russ was surprised... I don't know if he was more surprised to find Jonathon Tate in our bedroom door or by the party in general!Russ and I went out to dinner... It didn't take that long so I had to stall. We went to walmart to get treats and a movie. He thought that I wasn't feeling well so we were just going to hang out at home.

We got home and that is when the party started! It was fun to hang out with friends and just have a good time!

Yummy Cereal!

Daphnee got to try cereal for the first time! It was fun. She LOVES to eat! I think that got more on her face than in her mouth. It won't take her long to get better

I love her smile! She is such a cutie, even when she has a ton of food on her face she is still so sweet.

What a cutie! She makes me so happy!

Biker Bums

Russ took me for a surprise ride on his bike. It was such a nice day... Who would have known that it was December

Getting the helmet on was kind of hard.

I love Russ' bike.

Roller Derby Chicks!

This Month for Girls night Emily, Katie and I went Roller Skating. I was a little worried because I haven't been on skates for a long long time!We were just taking a break from skating! Who knew it could give you a great workout?!

Do you see the little boy in the picture? He was a way better skater that I was! He was a pro compared to me

Emily and Katie had to skate without me because I got some pretty bad blisters! Who knew that could happen?

This guy in the picture is the guy that Emily tried to frisk while we were skating.

I just thought this would be a fun picture!

This is me being sad because I can't skate... My feet hurt so bad... I can't wait to go again! I know exactly what I am getting into now!