Monday, July 28, 2008

Swollen with Joy!

These last few days I have been dying of heat. The weather has not given us a break. I guess that it what I get for being pregnant in the summer. My hands and feet have never been as swollen as the last few days. I can barely walk and of course there in no way that I could even attempt to put my wedding ring on. I feel like a huge marshmallow! Only 3 more weeks to go! All I can say it the swelling better go down!


Stephanie said...

I feel for ya. And, if you look as good after Daphnee as you did with McKaylee, you'll never even know you had two babies. You still look adorable. I love you. 3 more weeks, but hopefuly less!

Alexis Mayo said...

I was the exact same way when I was prego- Ben would squeeze my feet every night and for about 2 min. I felt normal and then BAM- all the fluid would rush right back and I was swollen again!
The one word that kept running through my mind was "Endure"!!!

stefaniezi said...



oh 我最好离开这里是吧……也许你们是不太友好的 就像我英语老师说那样 西方人 .........
我只是一个小小小网民而已 我只是想看看blog而已! Why???
难道你就觉得你们是至高无上的上帝?还是什么?控制一切吗? 可以剥夺我的发言权?我不记得我有个任何 任何关于侮辱性的或者是不干净的语言! never!!

Stubbart Family said...

You're almost there! I've been thinking about you a lot, and hoping you're doing great! It seems like forever since I've seen you (that's what I get for not going to church the past couple week...the great excuses of having a baby)!

gibblove said...

I feel so bad for you. I know it is going to be such a relief when Daphnee comes. We will be celebrating when she is here. You just keep up your sweet spirits:)I'll keep praying for you!

ALonDuv said...


This is Pam Tidwell. I've been trying to get back in contact with you for awhile now.

How are you liking your job? How is your family? I see you are expecting another little one soon!

Email me, I'd love to give you some other news.