Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pictures of our girls!

McKaylee is a proud big sister!

Daphnee Reese

Daddy and his girls!

Mommy and her girls!

McKaylee and Daphnee aren't they just so cute?!

McKaylee LOVES alfredo. Can you tell?


Stephanie D. said...

You have such beautiful girls. I think that Daphnee looks like me!

Lindsay said...

You make some seriously beautiful little girls! I hope you are feeling well. You look great!

StacyParker said...

Sooooooo cute Ashlee!!! Congrats on your newest little one and your new adventures in the world of two kids....and two kids in diapers! Been there. It's fun. :)

I am due to pop any day now with Ms. Paisley here....I'll keep you updated! Hope my labor goes as fast as yours! Holy cow!


Charity said...

Hi! This is Charity Tebbs Smith, a fellow teacher grad from WSU, and HHS alumni with Russ! I just wanted to comment on what a darling couple of girls you have! Russ, I keep telling my husband how lucky he is to be in a house full of girls. My husband is very worried (with good reason) for future drama. It IS drama with our girls all of the time! Sooooo much fun. You are so brave to try the reins of motherhood with two under the age of two! I admire you for everything you do as the mother of two young ones and wife, lets be honest, our husbands are our third children :D I mean that in a good way!
Anyway, cute family, I'm glad to see you all so well!

Tom, Brittany, & Girls said...

Hey, I can't believe you have 2 kids now. You look great for just having a baby. Two girls, how fun!! I love my girls (I have 3 now) My blog is

Catherine said...

I'm so glad Russ found Wade on Facebook and let us know about your blog. I just sent you guys an invite to ours. I've missed you! I haven't seen you since we came to the graduation party for Russ...wasn't that over two years ago? Anyway, it will be so fun to keep in touch better. Congrats on the new arrival. Both of your girls sure are beautiful!

Love ya,