Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture Day!

I wish that I had a camera that a professional photographer would use. The one that takes a picture every second. McKaylee and Daphnee were so cute and I has some really cute poses, but they would move before my slow camera would take the picture. So here are a 2 pictures that actually turned out!

Isn't my little Daphnee so cute! I have to brag, the other night I fed her at 9:00 P.M. and had her in bed by 9:30. Russ and I went to bed about an hour later. I was tired of course so I fell asleep right away. Well I woke up with a start, and realized that Daphnee didn't cry during the night. It was 6:30 A.M. and she still wasn't awake. I ran to her room to check on her and she was OUT! I went back to bed, but I didn't fall asleep because I kept telling myself "Ok Daphnee is going to wake up any second" An hour went by and she finally woke up! She slept for 10 hours straight! OH such a treasure! I know that she is getting enought to eat! Look at that double chin! That is why they call me the Dairy Queen!


Joni said...

Hey Russ, Spencer here, I tried to post earlier but there was something to do with a password or something. I'm not a huge blogger as yhou might tell so Joni handed me the computer and made sure that it went through. Anyways good to hear from you. The kids are cute. You didn't adopt did you? jk. You should call some time and let us know when you will be up this direction to visit family. Hope to hear from you soon. Chau

Stephanie said...

Daphnee my love, you are so cute. I love your little smile. You're so lucky to get kisses from my Kaylees. I love you both. Your mommy has cute hair. I'm jealous. I might try to cut mine after the wedding. I'm too scared to cut mine like your brave mommy. She'll take care of you, that one will!

Whitesides Clan said...

Daphnee looks just like you Ash. She's adorable. Both of your girls are. I hope my kids are that cute!

Marianne said...

Ok... I am SO jealous!! Ashton is 9 months old and i've yet to have him sleep that long!! What's your secret??? Your girls are so cute!!