Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daphnee's Blessing Day.

Daphnee Reese 3 months old! Isn't she beautiful! Daphnee was blessed November 16, Russ gave a beautiful blessing!

I love my baby girls! I am the luckiest mom in the while world!

Daddy and his girlies!

Mommy and her girlies!

McKaylee and Daphnee with papa and grammy!

Me and Daphnee

Our Trip To Utah!

Michelle and Morgan

Grandma Best and Cousin Morgan! We are so glad that we got the chance to see them!

Aunt Susie and the girls! We love you Susie! You are the best
While we were in Utah.. Look at all the family we got to see! McKaylee and Daphnee have a lot of cousins! Vacations are so much fun!

This is our updated family picture. It includes all of the grandkids and the newest member of our family. Blake Wessman!

Can you believe this is a 4 generation photo? Grandma Kimber, Rachelle Burrell, Ashlee Wilsterman, McKaylee Wilsterman!

Brennon and Daphnee! Aren't they so cute! Steph and I were pregnant and the same time with them. Brennon is 5 months older than Daphnee!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gangster Paradise!

I put McKaylee's sun glasses on Daphnee for the full gangster effect. They look more like the type of glasses that Paris Hilton would wear because they are so big on her.

Yo brother's...uh brethren?

What up G money?

Aren't my little gangster's so cute! I told McKaylee to fold her arms so that it looked like she was a true gangster but she wouldn't do it.

Our Day in the Park

We saw this cute little puppy while we were at the park. The puppy started to lick her face and she didn't like it that much..but she eventually got used to the puppy and tried to give it kisses!

This is the first time that McKaylee has been on a slide. She is such a natural!

This is McKaylee ordering me to push her. She had so much fun on the swings.

McKaylee is just like me... she loves to swing on the swings. It was fun to hear her laugh because we were going higher and higher.

Look at Daphnee! She loves her daddy, she just cuddled up to Russ and hung out while we had fun at the park.