Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas day!

Christmas day... We were lucky our kids let us sleep in until 9:00 A.M. My mom was the one that gave us the wake up call.

Russ and I put this table together christmas eve. We were so excited for McKaylee to sit at it and play!

It was kind of hard to get McKaylee to come over to the tree and open presents. She had a fun time ripping off the paper and throwing it on the floor.

This is the guitar that we got her. She loves music.

This is McKaylee showing Daphnee how the play phone works. What a nice sister.

Here is McKaylee reading us the book the Aunt Susie and Uncle Ken got for her. She loves to look at the pictures. Thanks for the fun gifts!

We got McKaylee her own keyboard so that she could actually reach the keys. She loves to play the piano.

Daphnee got this cute stuffed animal from Ken and Susie! As you can see she loves to eat anything that she can get her hands on.

Finally all the gifts were open. McKaylee spread out all of her toys so that she could play all morning.
We hope all of you had a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.


Stephanie said...

I love the way you decorated. It looks soooooo good. The stockings look awesome. I love it. McKaylee's hair is getting so long. I love you

Katie said...

You slept til 9? On Christmas? It's a Christmas miracle! That table is adorable. Where is it from? My kids got a table, too.

Catherine said...

We bought Emily a table from IKEA last year and she has tea parties on it every single day! McKaylee will seriously love hers. Glad it was a great Christmas for ya'll!

PCCook said...

Your girls are so cute Ashlee! I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas! I totally don't care that you look at my blog. There are some people we went to high school with that have added me to their friend list that I didn't give permission to, so that's who it is. I will for sure add you to my list! :)