Monday, April 6, 2009

That's What Friends Are For.

This last Friday was Girl's Night! It was suggested that we try Family Karaoke! I was so nervous at first because I was seriously not blessed with a singing voice. But I knew that I would be around friends that wouldn't boo me off the stage while throwing rotten fruit my way! I discovered that I sound so much better when I sing in the shower or when I am alone in the car. Everyone was so supportive even when I was killing them softly with my sadly sung tunes. This by far was the best Girl's Night. I love letting loose and just being bad at something and not caring! YES I am liberated!
Katie and Becca! Talk about Harmony!

There was a HUGE book that had about 3 different languages including English. There were a ton of songs too choose from!

Katie is such a pro with the tambourine! Me on the other hand.. Not so good! I am glad that Emily and Katie were able to keep things up beat!

The Music Videos were even worse than my singing. They had NOTHING to do with the songs we were singing. As you can see the words are "I love you" while a dead guy is on the screen.

We each got scored on how well we sang the song! Emily got 100! She was the only one and I think that she mastered it with the well known and beautifully sung " I will always love you"

Here we are singing " Give me your hand" by the Bangles. I think that is what the song is called!

Emily and Katie have so much talent. I am secretly very jealous!

Katie has some pretty sweet moves! We can all learn a thing or two from her!

Even though Alexis wasn't feeling well. She was a wonderful singers! I especially loved her New Kids on the Block! She is, in my opinion, their biggest fan!

Becca! She is a great singer! I am glad that she was there to keep us all on our toes!

Katie! What a Rocker chick!

Alexis is very good at serenading us with a sweet ballad!

I love Karaoke!

After hearing me sing I know there will be a lot of you asking me to sing for you, but just know that I will only perform during Karaoke night! Just kidding please please never ask me to sing, if you know what is good for you!


Katie said...

You were nervous? I'm shocked. You seemed like a pro...the first brave soul to get up and sing. You're so nice...but you have nothing to be jealous of...unless you count three chins during a sweet dance move as something to be jealous of. You have some great pictures I don't have.

Stephanie said...

Um... I thought you sounded great. I'm not using sarcasm AT ALL. Really. I thought it was good. You don't hear how good you sound. I'm so jealous you have such fun things to do. We could got to a movie or go to a movie. Which would you prefer? I love you, Brittany! Oops, I did it again, I mean Ashlee!

The drama known as Greens.... said...

Girl, you're braver then you give yourself credit for! You always talk about how nervous you were to do things but when it comes down to it you're the first in line! I love that! Thanks for being brave enough to take the mic and start us off! Oh, and you aren't as bad as you think!

Don't forget I have $6 off so let me know if people want to go again!