Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning a lesson

This is Ashlee's sister, Stephanie. I took over the blog to tell a cute story about McKaylee. She has been a bit disobedient since Austen has been here. She's been getting off of her seat throughout meals, so tonight Russ got after her and took her to her room. He took the rest of her cookie and threw it away while cleaning up her plate. After McKaylee had apologized for not listening she asked for the rest of her cookie. When Russ told her that he'd thrown it away, she got a pouty lip and started to really cry. They explained to her that she needed to start listening. She replied, "It's not nice to throw people's stuff in the garbage." Ash and I tried our best to keep the smiles off our faces, we failed. Miserably! McKaylee saw us smiling and asked Russ, "You think it's funny?," in the most hopeful little McKaylee voice. This had us laughing out loud. She's just too smart for her own good.
McKaylee, your Aunt Stephanie LOVES you so much!


Melanie, Shayne, Riley and Bently said...

What a cutie! A new baby is a hard adjustment at first for the older kiddos! I love the picture on the top of your blog of all your girls! I can't believe how much dark hair Austen has! They are beautiful girls!