Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Pics (by Russ)

Just random pics of the girls.

On Valentine's Eve the girls made heart shaped sugar cookies with mom for our family home evening activity.

Austen loves shoes so we got her some new kicks for her birthday. She brings them to us all the time to put on for her and if we don't drop what we are doing she tries to put them on herself.

Kaylee modeling a new Sunday dress.

Austen skyping with Grandma and Grandpa Burrell on her first birthday.

Until now Ash is the one who has done all of the posts on our blog. Since I got a new camera for christmas I have been taken more pictures so I asked Ash if I could do a blog post of just Random pictures.


Stephanie said...

The dress that Daphnee is wearing cracks me up. I've heard about that getup:) Your girls are just so beautiful! Ash included!! I love the closeup of Austen. The one with the cookies and Daphnee grinning is really pretty. Austen's little shoes are cute. McKaylee is just stunning. I love these. Take more and post more!

Stephanie said...

Weekly if you must!