Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Summer

 This is the monster Truck we saw on the freeway on our way to Steph and Randy's house. Only in Wyoming!

 Russ was put to work this summer. He was asked to help landscape Steph and Randy's front yard. He dug the holes for the sprinkling system, set up the system. Planted trees and bushes, put down edging,rocks and weed screens. He was busy from the minute that he woke up until it was dusk! But he did a really good job. When Randy was home he helped and Caden was a huge help too!

 About 45 minutes away from Casper they have Ayers Natural Bridge. We went as a family and had a great time playing in the water and just hanging out!

 When we got back it was time for Daphnee's Birthday. She turned 4 years old!

 Next it was McKaylee's first day of school. She was a little nervous. But I was very nervous. I got to take her on the first day of school. She really likes her teacher Ms. Corona.

 Miss Daphnee started preschool. We were very excited to learn that Emma Ray was teaching preschool and that she lived around the corner from us!

 While we were in Utah we had the chance to get a family picure minus Randy. :( He had to work. Isn't the family beautiful. On the left we have Brooke, Kenyan, Dustin and Grayson Kearl. Then there is Steph, Tyson, Caden, Keilie, Shelby and Brennon Dirks. My mom and Dad. Danielle and Payton Burrell. and then Me my handsome husband Russ and our beautiful girls McKaylee, Daphnee and Austen!

We had a really great summer, especially since we got to spend it with family! We miss them so much but it's always great when we get together!


Kimberly Lynn said...

I've been out to see Steph's yard - your hubby did an amazing job! It was fun to see you while you were here!

Hancox's said...

I like the your picture's there nice and it look you guys had a lot fun this summer :)