Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bathroom Updates

 A year or so ago we painted the bathroom and I loved it but it was always lacking something. You can't see the cabinet in the picture above but it was white. Everything was white before we painted. Then Russ and I had a great idea. He moved the mirror that was on our dresser and switched it with the bathroom one. Then we got the rustoleum cabinet transformation in the espresso color( my idea) to match the mirror and painted the cabinet. All in all the bathroom transformation cost us $35.00. Pretty Thrifty huh! And doesn't it look amazing! Russ gets all the credit. He worked his butt off. The only downside to this project was how long it took between coats but we love it!

 In our masterbath I wanted to put shelves above the toilet. I saw the idea on pintrist and I really liked it. So Russ got the materials and put them in for me! He did such a great job! Thanks to my sweetie for taking up 2 weekends to make out home look so much better~!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Summer

 This is the monster Truck we saw on the freeway on our way to Steph and Randy's house. Only in Wyoming!

 Russ was put to work this summer. He was asked to help landscape Steph and Randy's front yard. He dug the holes for the sprinkling system, set up the system. Planted trees and bushes, put down edging,rocks and weed screens. He was busy from the minute that he woke up until it was dusk! But he did a really good job. When Randy was home he helped and Caden was a huge help too!

 About 45 minutes away from Casper they have Ayers Natural Bridge. We went as a family and had a great time playing in the water and just hanging out!

 When we got back it was time for Daphnee's Birthday. She turned 4 years old!

 Next it was McKaylee's first day of school. She was a little nervous. But I was very nervous. I got to take her on the first day of school. She really likes her teacher Ms. Corona.

 Miss Daphnee started preschool. We were very excited to learn that Emma Ray was teaching preschool and that she lived around the corner from us!

 While we were in Utah we had the chance to get a family picure minus Randy. :( He had to work. Isn't the family beautiful. On the left we have Brooke, Kenyan, Dustin and Grayson Kearl. Then there is Steph, Tyson, Caden, Keilie, Shelby and Brennon Dirks. My mom and Dad. Danielle and Payton Burrell. and then Me my handsome husband Russ and our beautiful girls McKaylee, Daphnee and Austen!

We had a really great summer, especially since we got to spend it with family! We miss them so much but it's always great when we get together!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our goings On.

 Our girls are getting so big! Daphnee is almost 4. Austen is 18 months and McKaylee is 5! Where does the time go?

 McKaylee celebrated her 5th birthday. She is going to be going to school soon. She is super excited... don't ask my how I feel about it.
 She loves Hello Kitty so I found this cute idea for a cake on You Tube. I can't take all the credit.

 Since Kaylee is going to be going to school we decided to give her, her own room. We painted and added this cute decal! Her room is super pink but what do you expect with 3 little girls?

 Since this is the summer of new adventures we got her a bike for her b-day!
 Daphnee was tired of Kaylee getting all the attention that she decided it was time to do something. Just kidding. She was trying to jump to her pillow face first and slammed her forehead onto the wooden part of her headboard. She had a small concussion but she is doing way better. She still have a nasty bruise, but luckily, her bangs cover it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My projects

 I saw some shelves on Pintrist. HERE This girl has some way cute ideas and I think that this  was one of my favorites! I want to put more stuff on the shelves but I don't really have a creative eye. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I am always up for that!

I also got this idea of pintrist Here This ws my Mother's Day gift from Russ and the girls. I wanted to get organized and so I found this idea and went to work making it. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

All about Austen

It is hard to believe that fourteen months ago Austen was still doing cartwheels in Ashlee's belly. She seems to do so many things before her sisters did and we think it is because she is trying to be like her older sisters. She took her first unaided steps just shy of nine months and was running and climbing on things at eleven months. She suprised us by drinking through a straw at around six months. At twelve months she started using a spoon to feed herself. Now at thirteen months she climbs up onto the couch, she shakes her head yes and no and points to things she wants, and she understands most of what we tell her and a lot of what she overhears. If she overhears us talking about going somewhere she will imediately run and get here shoes. The other day she heard me ask Ashlee if I should bring her out to play on the trampoline in the backyard and she ran to the backdoor and started trying to reach and turn the handle. If we ask her where something is she will go look for it. She also loves to dance and twirl. She enjoys doing squats and tries to jump. Yesterday I was chasing her and she ran into our bedroom where it took me a few minutes to find her, she was hiding behind the head board for our bed. She also climbed into the bathtub yesterday after bath time and got her socks and jammies wet. Much like her sisters she also went through the stage of dropping things from her high chair and saying "uh oh". If I am sitting on the floor her favorite thing is to go get a book, hand it to me, and sit on my lap. She listens patiently and points to the pictures while I read almost as if she already understands what I am reading. She loves her mommy and daddy but she has always been a mommy's girl. Kaylee and Daphnee were always more like daddy's girls until lately it seems like at prayer time they want to sit by mom or want mom to do things for them. Another way she differs from her older sisters is that she is really shy with strangers and everyone seems to be a stranger except for mom and dad. Kaylee and Daphnee have never been shy, in fact, they will talk to random people at the store or other public places. I guess I should end this post. Ashlee just asked me if I am writing a novel. I just really love my girls and hope that this gives our extended family an opportunity to read about what Austen is doing. I am sure her Aunt Stephanie will appreciate it.