Tuesday, January 20, 2009

McKaylee's Shenanigans

I'll give you my cup if you give me yours. McKaylee loves to pay the swapping game! Luckily she has a friend that likes that game too!

Here is my sweet McKaylee doing what she does best. Making a mess.

When I caught her with Russ' wallet she was hurrying to put it all back... She is so sneaky!

Do you see all the shoes on the floor? And notice that Daphnee is in a chair and can't get away. This is the perfect thing for McKaylee to help Daphnee try some shoes on! She is so funny. I don't know where she gets her shoe fettish from... it isn't from me.

It was almost time for bed and we were scrambling to get bath time done and feed Daphnee. McKaylee needed some time to herself to read a story. She sad down opened the book and started to "read" What a cutie! It was nice to have a bedtime story read to me! What a nice change!


Stephanie said...

She is so cute. I love the shoes. That is Shelby's favorite thing too. She can't go out without her boots. She is so fun. I love kids at this age.

Lori Mower said...

She is so BUSY. But ya know what? She is so dang cute that it is TOTALLY okay all of the Shenanigans she gets into!! Ha post!!