Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roller Derby Chicks!

This Month for Girls night Emily, Katie and I went Roller Skating. I was a little worried because I haven't been on skates for a long long time!We were just taking a break from skating! Who knew it could give you a great workout?!

Do you see the little boy in the picture? He was a way better skater that I was! He was a pro compared to me

Emily and Katie had to skate without me because I got some pretty bad blisters! Who knew that could happen?

This guy in the picture is the guy that Emily tried to frisk while we were skating.

I just thought this would be a fun picture!

This is me being sad because I can't skate... My feet hurt so bad... I can't wait to go again! I know exactly what I am getting into now!


Stephanie said...

So, your cheeks are so red. You must have worked hard for those blisters!

Catherine said...

I love the one of just your skates. What a fun girls night!

Katie said...

What a fun girls night!! It seems that they mostly consist of going out to eat here. Roller skating... Now that's a good idea.

Katie said...

I have to laugh every time I look at these pictures.

The Stutzmans said...

What fun!