Monday, April 27, 2009

Festival of Friendship.

Russ, McKaylee,Me, Emily, John, Mary, and Katie!

This past Saturday we went to " The Festival of Friendship" This is a fundraiser for Best Buddies, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment. Best Buddies is a vibrant, international organization that has grown from one original chapter to more than 1,300 middle school, high school, and college campuses across the country and internationally. Our programs today reach all 50 of the United States, and have active international programs in 40 countries. It was so much fun to hang out and watch all the fun going on all around us. One thing that I admire most about this was everyone was so happy, they loved all of the activities and dancing. They are so friendly and loving! It was a wonderful day!

There was some sweet tunes blasting which made you want to dance. It didn't matter if you knew how dance or not everyone just got out and boogied! Emily and Katie are awesome dancers, too bad I didn't have the camera handy to take some memorable pictures!

McKaylee loved shooting the breeze with the firemen!

There was a bounce house that she loved to play in! She was really getting into it.

Daphnee some how got a hold of some cookies. She is just like me, hand over the cookies and no one gets hurt!

McKaylee and Emily! Now they are Best Buddies

Emily, Katie and Mary doing the cake walk! If you have no idea what a cake walk is ( which I didn't) they have a bunch of chairs in a circle with numbers on them. They turn on some music and you walk around the chairs. When the music stops you sit in the chair that is closest to you. Then they call out a number, if you are sitting on the chair with that number on it, then you get a cake!Mary was the winner! Go Mary!

This is the start of the mile walk. McKaylee was fascinated with the balloons!

Russ and Ashlee! I have always wanted to take a picture like this! I think these are so much fun!

There was a dunk tank there that anyone could try! Mary was awesome! She was able to dunk the girl on the 2nd throw! I would have gotten so frustrated that I would have hit the button myself!

McKaylee got a chance to pose with a member of the Dallas Cowboys Football team. The sad thing is, I have no idea who he is. I know, I need to watch more sports!

Daphnee loves to be outside! She loves to look around! Even though she was so tired she was having so much fun.

Luckily, there was food at the Festival. I think that McKaylee ate about 3 bags of chips, plus she helped herself to everyone else's chips. Who would have thought that this little girl could eat like that?
Once again I was so grateful for the opportunity to go to this Fundraiser. Emily was the team leader and she was able to help raise all of the money. It was fun to be around everyone and not feel out of place. Thanks Emily for letting us all know about this cause!


The drama known as Greens.... said...

Cute pictures! Thankfully you didn't get any of the dancing... heaven knows dancing is NOT one of my best qualities! Thanks for coming! Mary had the time of her life and it meant a lot to me that my friends were willing to be there, you're awesome!