Monday, August 10, 2009

Fort Worth Zoo

Russ and I decided that it was time to take the girls to their first trip to the zoo. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo. They are celebrating their 100Th anniversary!

We first stopped to see the monkeys. McKaylee was a little scared to get close to the glass because the chimp was sitting close by. Just before we stepped up a chimp came right up to the window and hit it. It scared a little boy and McKaylee. It was pretty cool!

We got to see the orangutans playing and swinging on their ropes.

I love to see the giraffes. I love the way that their coats look. McKaylee wasn't too interested in them. She like the elephants more!

McKaylee wishes that she could have a pet elephant! Isn't she just so cute!

Do you see those big cement balls in with the elephants? It was so cute because they were pushing them around with their trunks. It amazes me because they look so heavy, but they pushed them around as if they weighed nothing.

The most exciting part of the zoo was the White Bengal Tiger. He kept pacing along the glass. The girls were too scared to go near him. I was able to shoot an awesome video of Russ and the tiger. It is at the end of the post! It is a must see! I give it 4 stars!

I loved seeing the lions. The 2 young lions are sisters. I just know it! They were so cute just hanging out tanning together! Good times.

I have no idea what this animal is but I just had to get a picture, because to me, this is the perfect example of the meaning " Stick thin" Look at those legs. They really did look like sticks.

We really like the penguins and a certain penguin LOVED McKaylee. He would follow her around wherever she went and just swim near her. It was so cute to see.

Daphnee wasn't as excited with the penguins and McKaylee was. She threw a fit when we tried to sit her next to McKaylee to get a picture of all of them.

The reptile part of the zoo is one of my least favorites, however, I did like to see all the cool snakes, lizards, turtles, and frogs. McKaylee wasn't scared of them at all. She would stare at them and point.

They have a Texas part of the Zoo. It it like a mini Old Western town. It is pretty cool. They showcase animals that are in Texas. I did not know it but they have otters here in Texas. One night when Russ went running he came home and was telling me all about this animal that he saw near a park with a pond. He kept telling me that it looked like a beaver but it wasn't. I didn't believe a word he said... like there could be otters in Texas. Yeah Right! If I believed Russ about him seeing an otter then I would have to believe his story about us having a lizard in our yard the size of a kimono dragon. I did however learn that they are in fact here in Texas and Russ did see an otter. I will have to be more trusting in the future.

By the time that we had gone through all of the park and seen all of the animals we were pooped. We had a really good time seeing all the animals. McKaylee loved to point and tried to say the names of all of the animals. Daphnee wasn't to keen on being near any of the animals. This was a fun family trip. Thanks for taking the journey with us!

This is the awesome video of the tiger. Take a look!


Katie said...

The tiger at the Columbus Zoo does that, too. Crazy!

We love the zoo. We bought a family pass when we moved here and have been at least once a week.

McKaylee really has changed. I am loving her curls.

Catherine said...

Hey, so does the tiger at Hogle Zoo. How funny!

You guys are the cutest family, I swear. What great photos and memories you have of their first trip to the zoo. So fun!

The Stutzmans said...

Wow, look at kaylees hair. I think the curls were worth waiting for! We would love to go to that zoo with you sometime!!

The drama known as Greens.... said...

Cute! I love the zoo, we haven't been since we moved out here but it's on our list....