Monday, August 10, 2009

Let the Competition Begin!

On your Mark...Get set... GOOOOO!

Russ and I just finished a 12 week competition with my family. We did fairly well but we decided that we want to try it out again. We have changed some of the rules and the prizes. The competition will consist of 4 goals.

1) Exercise for 30 min every day (no Sundays)
2) No sugar/treats ( except Sunday)
3) Sleep at least 7 hours every night
4) our own personal goal.

We each will earn $1.00 every day. If we don't complete any one of the goals then we don't get any money that day. Also, we can only eat out 1 time a week. If we exceed that then we will take the money that we spent at dinner and subtract it from the total at the end of the competition. This way we can get physically fit, spiritually fit, and financially fit! At the end of the competition we calculated that we will have earned Approx. $300. Then we are going to take that money and go on a mini vacation to somewhere in Texas! We are so excited. Wish us luck!