Monday, August 30, 2010

For shizzle?

As many of you know I was pretty much 99.9% sure I was having a boy. I was so excited thinking of having a cute little boy around that looks just like Russ. Everything told me that I was having a boy. All the morning sickness was completely different than with the girls. It was even more intense. I got migraines and all in all I just knew it was a boy. I even had a feeling of what the name should be but I don't want to say because I don't want anyone to steal it in case by some miracle I have a boy. Anyhow I was convinced it was a boy. I would imagine that I was in getting the sonogram and I would hear that I was having a girl and the sadness that I would feel. I would get anxiety and I had to tell myself to knock it off I was just freaking myself out. I took the intelligender test just for fun( Don't do it). I didn't think it was 100% right but I just wanted to say that I have tried it. When I took it twice I got the same answer twice. It was a BOY! I couldn't believe it. I took the chinese Baby Gender Test and it told me that I was having a girl and I just totally disregarded that, what do they know right! Anyhow the day of the sonogram comes. We get into the room and I told the Tech that we wanted to hear that this kids had some boy parts and we wouldn't take anything less. He went through the motions of checking the head, heart and placenta. All was fine and then..... " Sorry guys... It's a girl". I was floored " Are you serious" I can say that I was distraught for about 2 days. I know this is something that will probably come back to bite me in the butt, but I thought that I knew for a fact that I was having a boy. I was so ready. I felt so deflated. I felt like I had the felt the spirit confirm to me the name that we had chosen for him but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I went to the temple and felt the spirit so strongly and I know that this little girl is meant to be in our family. I love sisters and I am so glad that my girls will get to experience life with sisters the way that I did. So I would like to introduce all of you to the 10 oz little girl Austen Paige Wilsterman. We can't wait until she is here!


Heather said...

I was that certain with my last pregnancy too....only had a boy name didn't even think there was a possibility that it would be a girl. So I was kinda shocked for a little bit :) But like you I was soooo happy to have another girl and she is exactly who is supposed to be in our family! CoNgRaTs!!!!

StacyParker said...

Ashlee, I have to admit I felt almost exactly the same way you did with my girl #3. I LOVED my two little girlies, and wouldn't have imagined it any different. However, we knew we were done with #3, and I really wanted to carry the Parker name on for Trev's family. I couldn't wait to see a little mini Trev running around and get to experience all the boy things I never knew growing up with such an age gap between me and my brothers.

I just had this GUT feeling she was a boy---everything was different. I craved BEEF of all things, all day, everyday. I just knew she was a boy. I do remember a few days before my big ultrasound my impression changed and I had an odd dream....and so when I went to find out the gender...I actually already knew and had come to make peace with it and be happy. It wasn't a shock to me at all. Please don't feel bad about your let down and shock. It's natural and it's just hard to wrap your mind around a new idea when you were so sure.

As I know you'll experience (as you did growing up), three girls in a row is a VERY unique, crazy, but FUN experience. Although I had wanted a boy so badly, I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing. Paisley is in seventh heaven with two big sisters, and they all play and giggle and adore each other. She has enough girl personality for ten little girls, and I couldn't picture my life any other way. :)

everyday katie said...

I totally hear you. (Only opposite.) I was absolutely certain Gray would be a girl. IT was quite a shock to me. My entire pregnancy was different. But having all of one has a lot of benefits. And hold on to that name. If you've had the feeling a boy should be part of the family, then maybe down the road...

I LOVE the name. Have I mentioned that? I LOVE IT!