Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I LOVE about the fall

What I love the most about Autumn.......

Pumpkin decorating or carving!

Pumkin Patches.

Taking the girls Trick or Treating!

Cute Costumes!

Sweaters! Sweaters! Sweaters! Did I mention Sweaters yet?

The color of the changing leaves.
The smell of Halloween ( Russ says that he has no idea what I am talking about, but I know there are those out there that know exactly what I am talking about)
Colder Weather
Knowing that I get to see my family in Approx. 18 days!
Everything about Thanksgiving Day.
Pumkin pie, Pumkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumkin Roll.... Umm almost anything Pumpkin.
The thought of Russ's Graduation in a month and a half!


Stephanie said...

I know the smell!

The drama known as Greens.... said...

I know the smell too. Russ just doesn't know how to appreciate the changing leaves :)

Stephanie said...

Hey, I just realized that Keilie, Payton, and McKaylee were cheerleaders. Fun! Your girlies are so cute!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

Danielle said...

They are getting SO big :) .. I can;t believe it!!!!! I think It's funny they were all cheerleaders this year!! I'll have to post a picture of Payton on my blog