Friday, October 8, 2010

This Day in History

2007 - Marion Jones gives up 5 olympic medals after admitting to using performance enhancing drugs
2003- Arnold Schwarzenegger elected Governor of California
2001- SAS Flight 686 crashes near Milao-Linate, 114 Killed
1998- House of Representatives approges impeachment inquiry of President Clinton
1995- Dolphins Dan Marino breaks Tarkenton's NFL career completions
1992-Nobel Prize for literature is given to West Indies poet Derek Walcott
1989- Oakland beats Toronto, 4-3 in games to advance to World Series
1988- Fire in Seattles Space Needles causes evacuations, $2000 in damages
1986- Keilie Fran Burrell passed away
1983- Ashlee Burrell is Born
1981- President Reagan greeded predecessor Jimmy Carter, Gerald R. Ford, and Richared Nixon before sending them to Egypt for Anwar Sadat's funeral
1980- Bob Marley collapses on Stage
1978- Ken Warby set world waterspeed record at 319.627 MPH
1971- John Lennon releases his mega hit " Imagine"
1961 - U.S. Constellation crashes at Richmond ,Va 74 Die
1961- Whitey Ford breaks Babe Ruth's world series record of 29 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings, running his streak to 32
1960- Bobby Richardson hit a world series grand slammer
1958- Dr. Ake Senning installs 1st pacemaker in Stockholm
1935- Ozzie Nelson marries Harriet Hilliard ( Ozzie and Harriet)
1934- Bruno Hauptmann is indicted for muder of Lindbergh's son
1927- NY Yankees sweep Pirates in 24th world series
1906- Karl Hessler demonstrates 1st "permanent wave" for hair in London
1886- Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Noble Bachelor"
1873- 1st woman prison run by women opens ar Indiana Reformatory Institute
1860- telegraph line between L.A. and San Fransisco opens
1835 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reach james inland, Galapagos Archipelago
1818- 2 English boxers are 1st of use padded gloves
1775- Officers devide to bar slaves and free blacks from Contintental Army
1604- SuperNova "Keplers Nova" 1st sighted
1492- Columbus' fleet about 400 sea miles from Puerto Rico.

Thanks to Katie for this idea!


Stephanie said...

The 1983 one is my favorite. The one in purple.

The drama known as Greens.... said...

Happy birthday! Hope it was everything you hoped for and more :)

everyday katie said...

Sheesh...I'm so late on the birthday wishes. I hope it was a good one.