Monday, May 9, 2011


This picture isn't the greatest but a momma bird built her nest in our light. I noticed that a bird was in our landing a lot but I had no idea that we was building a nest until one day we turned on our light and it was kind of dim. When we looked closer we noticed that there was a nest up there.

One day we heard the cute tweets coming from the nest. The eggs had hatched! I don't know how many birds there were. I know there were at least 2. We were watching the light and 2 birdies just flew out it was so cool to see.

A week went by and we noticed that we didn't hear the cute tweets and we hadn't seen the birds in a little bit. When we checked the light the birds were gone. This is what a nest looked like.

The momma bird used our mulch in the nest and somewhere she was able to find carpet fibers and yarn to line the nest to make it comfortable for her babies. You notice that there are no egg shells. They didn't drop in the entry way and they weren't under the nest so I don't know where they went. Do birds eat their shells? Any how... we got to witness a spring babies come and go!