Monday, May 9, 2011


When Steph was here helping me after I had Austen, she was packing up her stuff and told me that she couldn't find a bottle with giraffes on it. She told me that if I found it to just throw it away because her youngest son Tyson was going to be weaned off of bottles.

Fast forward 3 months.....

Russ and I were setting up the easter egg hunt. I kneeled down to put an egg by the sub woofer I noticed that there was something inside. When the hunt was over I had Daphnee put her hand in there and pull out whatever was inside. ( My hand was too big to fit in there) This is what she pulled out... The lost moldy missing bottle! Now here is the kicker!!!!!! There was a smell in my house that I couldn't figure out what it was and where it was coming from. I had cleaned every room in the house, and for those who know me I got down and my hands and knees and sanitized this house. Nothing helped. My house down right REAKED!!!! When I smelled the bottle I knew where the nasty smell had come from. I gladly threw the bottle away! Thanks Tyson for being a curious boy and putting your bottle in the speaker!


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Stephanie said...

You still haven't sent that back to me. I think I'll just throw that baby in the dishwasher and start him back on bottles:)