Monday, February 9, 2009


When you look at these pictures do you notice anything different with Daphnee?

She got her ears pierced! She did such a good job. A ton of people stopped to watch her get them done. Daphnee started crying on the second ear and McKaylee felt bad for her sister. She wanted to help her fell better.

Daphnee LOVES to be in her bouncer. She gets so excited when she has the freedom to jump and hang out. She gets some pretty good air too!

One good thing about the bouncer is that is helps wear her out. She gets such a workout.

Daphnee is such a good eater. She loves breakfast, lunch and dinner. She gets a little upset with me if I don't feed her fast enough

Here is an updated picture of Daphnee. I love her smile. She knows exactly what to do to brighten my day.


Stephanie said...

She is starting to look more and more like McKaylee I think. She does look so cute with her little earrings. I love them. She is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

She is such a pretty baby.

Katie said...

The pierced ears are so cute. I can't believe she slept in that bouncer.

The Stutzmans said...

The two pictures of Daphnee in her bouncer look just like some of the ones I have of Thomas in his, even the sleeping picture. I'll have to post some for you, these two definetly have some things in common. Except for the pierced ears of course. She looks cute, does Mckaylee have pierced ears?

AshnRuss said...

Both of my girls have their ears pierced I was sick and tired of hearing how cute my little boy is.