Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Love Dare

This last weekend Russ and I watched " My Story,The Emma Smith Story" It was a really good movie. I loved the way that Emma and Joseph were with each other. They were so supportive of each other in so many ways. I loved that they were so happy,patient and kind to each other. They went through so many trials and yet they were still so in love. This made me think of another movie that Russ and I watched. Fireproof. In this movie it was the complete opposite. The couple portrayed, did not get along at all. They fought all the time and they were angry at each other to the point of contemplating divorce. In the movie the husband is given a book called "The Love Dare" it is a book to help you become selfless and learn to love your spouse. I won't tell you how the movie ended but it got me wondering. What would happen in I did the love dare? What if I took this challenge? I want to have a loving relationship like Joseph and Emma. I want to learn to be more selfless. I pray that I may become a more caring and loving spouse!


Luke and Amy said...

that is a really good idea! What an example, do you mind if I use your idea?

AKA Rosa said...

That is so funny that you posted this. Today I posted about a great movie we watched last night for FHE . . . Emma Smith My Story!! We love it too! It was quite a tear jerker I must say!! I will have to see this other movie too!

Dirk 'n Juli said...

We LOVED Fireproof! Did you make the "Love Dare" book or did you buy it? I think it's such a great idea to do, even if your relationship isn't in trouble.

I'm excited for summer too! Grilling is so tasty! I wish you lived here too! It would be so fun to hang out!