Monday, February 9, 2009

McKaylee - isms

We bought McKaylee a little purse. She loves to put her blocks in it and walk around the house

Russ is so lucky to have so many girls in his life!

Me and McKaylee going for a walk

McKaylee is really into stacking blocks now. She is getting really good at it.

She built this tower with a little help from mommy.

No McKaylee isn't dressing up as E.T. for halloween. Doesn't she look like it a little though!

McKaylee loves to try and dress herself. She gets pretty creative!


Catherine said...

I've never seen a cuter E.T.! McKaylee's so funny, and Daphnee's so darling with her ears pierced. You're right, Russ is SOOOO lucky to have you three hot babes in his life!

Stephanie said...

I love the girls picture. He is definately lucky to have one girl, you, in his life. The other two are just bonuses. I love you. Wish you were here! Or me there, either way!

Katie said...

You forgot to mention that you like to fill that little purse up and bring it out on girls mother like daughter. She really does make an adorable ET.

Lindsay said...

Such beautiful little girls! I too, wish we lived closer. Play dates would be way too fun:)

Shawn * Bonnie said...

Ashlee, how have you been? Yes I am a blog stalker, it's nice to see if you can find old friends! Your little family is adorable, your girls look just like you. Hope everything is going well for you.

Jodi said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping me a comment! Your girls are so cute! You're in Arizona, right? It's funny to see grass instead of snow on your walk!

The Stutzmans said...

Great pictures Ashlee, I love the one with all of the girls in it. We miss you all, I can't wait till we can see you guys and the cousins can meet. Ashleys' always asking to see pictures of her cousins on the computer :)

Melody & Brandon said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hello.. You have the cutest girls ever... I love those ET pics..