Monday, September 20, 2010

Ode to the Netti Pot

For the past week I have had a cold with a wicked stuffy nose. I thought that I was getting over it because I could finally blow my nose and the nasal passage would be clear for about 2 min and then it would clog up again. Last night I had had it so I used the Netti Pot. I saw it used on Oprah and we bought it a while ago. If you don't know how it work you fill it up with warm water and add a salt mixture to it. Then you stick the spout up one nostril lean forward and the water fills up for sinus cavity and drains out the other nostril. It stung just a little bit at first but it was nice to feel the salt working it's magic. When the water runs out you pretty much blow your nose and you should feel relief, and man did I feel it. I totally recommend this product to anyone with allergies or non stuffy noses. It works wonders! I love my Netti Pot!


The drama known as Greens.... said...

I know you sware by looks huge! It's a little intimidating I must say :) I'm glad you're feeling better...sorry I'm such a bad friend...haven't even checked on you! I'll call you later...